What is the Borlaug Training Foundation?

Norman E. Borlaug was a plant breeder who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970. The prize recognized the Green Revolution of the late 1960's which resulted directly from Dr. Borlaug's work and is credited with saving over a billion lives. More then a plant breeder, Dr. Borlaug believed passionately in the power of training scientists to create better crop varieties and production practices for farmers and thereby fight hunger and poverty around the world.

We in the Borlaug Training Foundation build on Dr. Borlaug's legacy by promoting agricultural education and skills development for scientists from developing countries and their interested counterparts in developed countries.  Our goal is to ensure over the long term the continued and enhanced training of the agricultural scientists, both women and men, needed to sustainably improve food production in food-insecure areas of the world.

Our Mission is to foster high-quality field-oriented scientific training for young researchers in developing countries, as well as for their interested counterparts in developed countries, so that they can do great science together and deliver improved agricultural productivity that directly benefits people in need and, indirectly, the whole world'

We work to achieve our mission through multiple imperatives:

1. Provide funding for qualified students to participate in training

2. Strengthen and expand courses on wheat improvement conducted in Mexico by the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT by it's Spanish abbreviation)

3. Develop and implement scientific training for wheat and other crops at partner locations throughout the world, with emphasis on training women.

4. Facilitate the establishment of partnerships between research institutions in developing nations and degree-granting institutions in developing nations

5. Introduce trainees to mentors to further their education and careere in agricultural science focused on feeding the world