We develop plant scientists who fight hunger.

Our Mission:

Train hunger fighters.

The Borlaug Training Foundation supports the development of plant scientists who fight hunger by improving crops around the world. These scientists work together with other researchers and farmers to understand challenges that impact harvest, then work to develop new plant varieties to meet farmers' needs.


Our Impact

Scientists trained by the Borlaug Training Foundation are prepared and inspired to make an impact for farmers in their home communities. These scientists return to their countries to not only make a difference in plant improvement but also to serve as leaders in agriculture in their countries. 

For the things we have to learn before we can do them,
we learn by doing them.
— Aristotle

Our Programs

  • Support to wheat improvement courses

  • Design and implementation of new courses 

  • Farmer-to-farmer exchanges


Scientists in training

Becoming a good scientist who can make impacts internationally requires more than just classroom and lab training. We need to get our hands dirty, go out into the field, and talk to farmers.


Get Involved

The Borlaug Training Foundation can use your support! We welcome any kind of contribution, or you can volunteer your time. 


Volunteer opportunities

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteer teachers and lecturers! Please let us know if you would like to be a part of the BTF.

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Your support will help the Borlaug Training Foundation turn young scientists into hunger fighters.